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What is 3DMath Explorer?

Product Introduction:


3DMath Explorer is a tool for piloting mathematical curves. It have many new features different from traditional mathematic piloting programs. Fist of all 3DMath Explorer use 3 dimensional math. space instead of 2 dimensional plane to draw any kind of graph. It is a computer program  that pilots 2D and 3D graphs of mathematical functions and curves in an unlimited graphing space.


3DMathExplorer is a very useful program for students to make experiment and observation, for teachers to teach the subjects more interesting and comfortable, for writers to select graphs for their books within more suitable, beautiful and comprehensible graphs, and for all people that interests in this subject to use with ease.


It has many useful feature such as perspective drawing, graph scaling (zooming), fogging effect, drawing many curves in the same screen, working with many graph screen in the same time, est.


Beyond  its great graphics, it has very user friendly graphical user interface. So it is easy to use to work with.


Features of 3DMath Explorer

Technical features of 3DMath Explorer:

  • It compiles the functions given by users as parameters of curves, calculates their sample vertex coordinates, and draws them in an unlimited object driven graphical space with separate points or joined lines and polygons.
  • It uses a object driven graphical space model. All properties (like draw type, pen withy, sampling period, colors est.) of objects that exist in this  space can be change by user.
  • Draws all kind of mathematical curves in the same 3D piloting system. 
  • There are x, y and z axisís, xy, xz, and yz grids, est. found as pilot element in the unlimited graphing space.
  • Draws graphs with perspective view that draws near lines, points, est. with their true length and draws far ones length a little lessened depends on their distance.
  • Has many useful special feature like rotating or scaling graph (zooming).
  • You can actively (only with mouse movements) rotate graphs to position where ever you want to look at and get a view of them.
  • Can pilot more than one curve in the same window.
  • User can view front, left, top and perspective view of the graph at the same time.
  • Use a useful fogging effect depends on physical distance of  elements to fog the graph.
  • Can cover 2D and 3D curves and objects with polygons.
  • For 3DMath Explorer, one click is enough to animate the graph. Any animation direction could select with a short mouse movement.
  • User can opens many sample curve files with Ď.tecí extension, change or redefine them and save them as their own curves.
  • Has a quality that all users like to use. It is so user friendly that users can do every thing without opening a single menu. Every thing can be easily done by using toolbars and mouse.
  • It built on not only engineering knowledge and experiences but also mathematical knowledge and experience (or just opposite). So it is much more suitable piloting program for mathematical way of thinking.
3DMath Explorer System Requirements

You need:
  • Windows 95, 98, Me, NT 4.0, 2000, XP or later version
    3DMath Explorer requires Windows 95B or higher
  • Min. 90 MHz processor (400 MHz recommended)
  • Min. 16 MB RAM (64 MB recommended)
  • 4 MB of hard-disk space for program installation
  • For printed output, a Windows-supported printer capable of printing bitmaps


Given awards:






 star rating at TopShareware.com


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