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3DMath Explorer 3.1




Feature List of 3DMath Explorer 3.1

3DMath Explorer has many useful features such as:

  • 3D curve ploting in real time,
  • perspective drawing,
  • graph scaling (zooming),
  • active graph rotation,
  • fogging effect,
  • cubic draw,
  • unlimited space ploting,
  • four view plot screen,
  • auto rotate animation,
  • single coordinate system defination,
  • additional parameter function and loop variable definations,
  • 3D surfaces with 3D volumes
  • curve line length and surface area calculation,
  • full control on all graphical elements,
  • drawing many curves in the same screen,
  • working with many graph screen in the same time,

You can read about features of the product, view the screen shots and the graphs gallery (cantains many interesting graphs plotted with 3DMath Explorer), download a Limited 30-day trial version of 3DMath Explorer  and order the program if you like the program and wish to use it after the evaluation period.



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